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What’s Next in Sports Tech – GameGolf Review

Originally posted on my LinkedIn Blog with added content at the end including tips and my best round 


How does the old joke go? What’s your handicap? My swing! Well technology is here to help. A number of golf mobile apps and tools are now available the everyday golfer that most tour pros currently get from the PGATour Shotlink system. But while Shotlink uses hundreds of volunteers each week on tour you just need to shell out and buy in. Let’s look at one that I have been using since the golf season started, GameGolf.

GameGolf debuted at the PGA Show this winter with two Tour Players as endorsers including Graeme McDowell and Lee Westwood. It’s a GPS app but won’t replace your distance finder and your friends on the range may think it’s an insulin pump on your belt. Each of your club gets a tracker inserted into the butt end of the club which you tap on your GameGolf belt hung device. The software takes care of the rest figuring out how far the shot was and how far off line you managed to spray it from the center of the fairway or green. You must make it part of your pre-shot routine but after you hole out on 18 you download the round to your computer via USB and review it shot by shot to make sure every shot was entered and make any scoring adjustments necessary

After a few rounds I could see the average distance I hit each club, how many putts per round I took, fairways hit and greens in regulation. A lot of this information I already collected via my in-round app, Golfshot though. When I purchased this I knew I was betting on the come for a lot of the benefits. It takes a healthy baseline of data to generate useful analysis and I don’t play all that often. I figured that once they had enough user data the analysis would improve and I was right as this week they launched a new analysis tab. The results are wonderful and quite graphic! A few golf balls were lost in the making of this post but no trees were harmed.

Here are my driver stats including distance and spray pattern, It only takes a second to see I’m no Bubba Watson with the driver:



And the data on the approach to the green can be filtered by type of lie, distance or club used. I’ve got a lot of work to do here inside 100 yards though with distance control.




The one that’s missing right now is putting, including feet of putts made and percentages from certain distances. They don’t have any putting stats now but I trust that if the GPS is accurate enough, GameGolf will deliver it. You can buy this product for $250, about the price of a new driver. If you love data, tech, and improving your golf game and you already own the Callaway Big Bertha or Taylor Made SLDR driver, this might be the next tool in your bag. Oh yeah, my handicap has dropped from 14 to 10 so far this year. I won’t give this tool all of the credit but every little bit helps.

My GameGolf profile can be viewed below if you haven’t already clicked on one of my rounds that I’ve shared on Twitter.


GameGolf TIPS – Use one of the extra club markers as a chipping or less than full shot marker. I screwed one of the extra markers into an old wine cork which I keep in my pocket during the round. I use that when chipping around the greens or for punch shots to keep the distance calculations purely full shots.

Also my best round:


round 80






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